Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shame on human superiority

The hallmark of adamant superiority
To determine the way for the inferior force.

Desolate feelings
Strewn all over the air
Stench of dead accompanies the nose.
With blatant touch of fire everywhere
Nothing is left untouched by destruction
Mother earth carpeted in blood
Clot between her cracks in the summer.

The eyes of man sunken deep
Lips withdrawn in noisy silence
The mind agitates itself
Trying to shed the fear
But the fear is contagious
And more gets afflicted.

Voices of love
Trying hard to pacify
But the ravaging war is unto the core
Mortars and bullets blindfolded
Knowing not the fiends and friends
Life flies listening to love.

Bullets wheeze in the air
Heartbeats increased at each wheeze
Strands of thoughts activate the mind
Crumbled hope and dissident cries
Fills the atmosphere
With putrefied smell of disintegration.

Dissolution - the nature’s law
Shall take place void of interference,
When the moments arrive
To the source all will return
But not by force exerted by ignorance
Deaf to the cry of humanity.

Consciousness constricts in war
Conscience buried before the dead
It brings no victory
War is but a shame on us
With animals laughing at us
Proudly we claim ownership of this existence.

What a shame
We smile with blood in out hands.

©cyclopseven. All right reserved 240310

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