Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stolen stillness

In the darkness
Everything lies dear without fear
His mind he lets to wander
In the oasis of hope and glitters,
She lies beside
Imagining everything that he can give.

She tumbled upside down
When suddenly, he turned and
Touched her arm and said
“the darkness stills me,
my worries were buried deeper,
But you steal my stillness, 
leaving me only fear,
my dear”.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 240210.


  1. That was fun, Cyclops :)


  2. Darkness creates us. We are born into it. It makes us void of what our eyes can show us and in those moments we can only fear what we do see.
    Stillness makes our hearts beat slower, our minds create, and it allows us to feel the moment that we are in instead of missing out.
    If only we could see the beauty between the pages, the love left in the tiny crevices that we over look, just imagine how much more we could be.

    soft love,