Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I live eternally
Boundlessly expanding
Ticking away in a continuum
Reticently letting the seconds slip away.
Beyond the shores of eternity
Unimaginable indeed dead is to me,
If I die many times now
In fear I suppose that to be,
Fearlessly allow me the deathless death
Once eternally boundless
Will there be a return to birth once more?

The mystery of this enigma will in endless pursuit
Trail each that which is bonded to the ephemeral senses
Until there dawn rustic rational of primitive yearnings
To free all from the blizzard of greed, lust and hatred.
The incessant whirlpool of mind shall disintegrate
The growl and whispers together shall cease
When the immersion takes an eternal dive
The woven will disappear leaving only the weaver.
With vibrant vigor existence shall continue to be
And when my mortal rein is snapped from the final dust
I shall no more be there, but everywhere.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 240210.

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  1. This is gripping poetry, Cyclops :)