Monday, February 15, 2010

The puss within..

The fire is burning wild
In the deserted minds the well is dry
Neglect of commitment in the name of survival
Only the fittest stand to attest to this life.
Morals and religions spoken loud
Different paths and different talks
But their walks remain the same
Come to me, this is the only way
Surest, but not ascertained by any.

Can the burning fire be subdued?
In the deserted mind, a rose bloom?
Neglect of commitment, no more an issue?
In the name of survival, mankind learns to love?
The swift shifting thoughts
Dressed in hatred and anger immeasurable
Push the soul unto the hole of emptiness
There, barren anxiety seething with hatred.

Man kills man, in the name love
A hungry soul is fed with religion
And a distraught soul is given a God
And that God appears paralyzed, eternally paralyzed.
In the wake of their inner pains
It paralyzes their emotion; and
Many are lost for words
To represent the stench of agonizing life.

Will time heal the wound?
Will time just cover the wound?

Abandoning the deep gash
A dwelling to be made of maggots
Of hatred, anger and pain
Only time will tell.

©All rights reserved. 150210.


  1. I love the questions you ask here. I wish I had answers for you...for us all.

  2. PS - ♥ Happy Valentine's Day!! ♥

  3. Hard to read Cyclops...But good questions....As they say, keep the wound open, so it may heal faster,

    I just know I can't be unhappy for long...I hope for the day mankind learns to love --


  4. Yes, forgot... Happy Valentines Day :)