Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pain of neglect

The dusky atmosphere
Reflects the sorrowful mind
Dressed with colorful anguish.

Along the dusty road
The little traveler walks
Wiping his tears non-stop.
Clad only in nudity
The child eats only hunger
Reflecting signs of utter negligence.
Deprived of a decent survival
He walks along the dusty road
In search of the unknown loss.

Shaggy hair dirty eyes
A lean body - protruding ribs
 Accompanies his shadow.
Thoughts of past and fear of dying
Shivers him along the way
As he hugs himself from the whispering wind.

Oozing saliva drawing sleazy flies
To have a sip and bask in the odor
Of a boy alive, yet dead within.
Love appears far and hopeless
Yet he traverses the impossible
Clenching the steely effort, silently.

Hunger is still his meal.
And nudity is still his dress.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 060210.


  1. Reminds me of the nude saints in the Delhi streets....they are called Digambars i guess...not sure, some Jainists,

    i also get the figurative representation here....applicable to all men/women who sets out seeking 'The Truth',

    Good poem, Cyclops,


  2. i loved it..

    very nice..

  3. survival
    against this war of loss
    a new bud

  4. Descriptive yet sad, for there are many who are neglected and overlooked by all but God.