Thursday, July 02, 2009

Whispers and breathes of love

The red rose whispers of passion

And I know this life is given with a mission

To spread the mighty colours of love

That carries the purity of the white dove.

From nature we come and back to nature we go

Nothing else we have to nurture but love

And let others slip and blown away in the wind

But, the remnants of love are the only sustenance.

Petals of beautiful flowers strewn near and far

Spreading the earth with warmth and glitters

Speaking of a heaven that none have seen nor been to

And, perpetually generations flowers prosperously.

Surrounded by arid land and cactus

Across the global stage where my eyes have never reached

There lies the truth infallible singing the tune of oneness

And, I walk miles and miles with wind, trees, sun and sky

Enchanted and anchored in that unity that binds togetherness.

Kissing the wind and soothing the trees

In this journey that appears far and limitless

I know there is nothing to gain for me to lose

Because from nature comes this treasure

To be undone once again everything is done here.

In this garden of humanity

At the sight of a rose, a white rose

Below the starry firmament that spreads wide

The shadows speak in utter silence

Gently rhyming to the dance of the wind

Extending hope that only love sustains,

And the white rose breathes of love


©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 020709.


  1. Indeed. A veritable font of truth - nice!

  2. i loved reading this .. so good rhyme and flow :)

  3. I like the truth in it. Nice flow. Thank you.

  4. Just beautiful thoughts and words, Cyclop :)

    and the truth in it -- absolute,


  5. you touched my mind and left me in another world. A beautiful world of deep thought.