Sunday, July 05, 2009

We reap, what we sow

The shadowy life of the past
Reminds me of moments planted along the way,
Which, were filled with earnest play
And kept always my days, filled.
Each step along each narrowest moment
Brought the laws of nature into my mind
We reap nothing but what we sow.

My heart allows in the musical stream of life
As nature speak loud in many languages.
Dancing along the moments of memory
Down the memory lane, forgetting my feet
I feel like flying and two illusory wings flapping
With rapidity unexplained, I roam free.
In the depth oblivious to many
The mute voice breaks the silence
Killing quietness to express loudly
Life is everything, if you only care to live.

These moments taught me lessons of good and bad
That none is too good to be perfect
And none is too bad to be whacked,
Each thing in life is designed with a purpose
It is only when the eyes in blindness covered
And the mind in darkest dungeon dwell
The heart hankers after desires unfulfilled
Man sees with comparison the compassion granted
And divides them into pieces small
Just to wail loud daily the pathetic lamentation
‘Why must I suffer?’
‘Why must this happen to me?’

We reap only, what we have sown
Are we to blame the entire world?
But we with immunity coated?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 050709.


  1. Very good--your poems always gives me a lot to ponder

  2. Good poem, Cyclop

    very thoughtful,


  3. Hi guys..Thank you for stopping by and leaving the trails here.