Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The source

The convoluted trail of life

Mends its way through rigidity,

Essence of man is deserted

In pursuit of blind concepts.

Life was simple with less war

But now, not anymore

For civilization killed all that was man

In the name of power, love slashed wildly.

Murky waters of blunt thoughts

Find its way into everything man

Alas! All that was man is now gone

Unto oblivion man dies to become vicious.

Intangible weapons of hypocrisy explodes hypocritically

Wounding everyone far and near with rattling blast,

Technology spews volatility with eagerness

Wisdom cremated at the height of civilization.

Between the cracks of wound sustained

A little love is still flowing slowly

A little bit tainted but still a chance is there

To return to a life, of what we were – mankind.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 020609.


  1. It is said love will overcome...even if it does seem in short supply at the moment :) I understand your agony...

  2. Sad, but you have hope at the end, in the little love that flows and cannot be tamed by technology and its priests.

  3. Never ending tales....seems like....Many ready to die for love...not as many to live for it! :))