Monday, June 08, 2009

Book of Horror

....carry on Tuesday

A tale I heard of a book
That speaks of the horror world beyond,
Beyond reach of bones and skin.
A bloody world that lie within the book speaks of dusty end,
I could see from within the cells of my mind
The book was thick and black
And covered with dust,
A settled sign of sleeping time.

Without awakening the soul
My mind reached out to grab the book,
Its boards were bowed and creaking
Blood oozed out from the cover
And my hands were smeared red.

For a moment the horrifying red
Spread across my palm,
Before the aromatic smell of fine tomato ketchup
Sneaked into my nose.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 080609.


  1. A wonderful thrill with a wicked twist at the end :) Left me smiling.

    Loved your take of the prompt

  2. this one left me chuckling but also pondering...

  3. It starts off as a thriller and then it just thrills. :)

  4. call me a sicko but I did enjoy this!

  5. haha!!

    I loved that take, Cyclop..more often horror isn't really that horrible! :))


  6. Great stuff - what a relief!

  7. So many of this prompt's response have great humorous lines and yours is one of them.