Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweetest Rose

Rose, painted red
The blooming rose
Painted red
Wildly dances
On dry branch.

She is pretty
She is cute
As I smell her
She smiled, mute.

The blooming rose
I cuddled her tight
Kissing her
Hard to let her go by.

She the rose
Unscathed she cared for me
Ramming my emotion
In love, I melted.

The blooming rose
Built a nest in my heart
I promise to myself
That I will care her eternally,
Even if I am pricked a million times
And millions of blood drop
May paint the earth,
Amidst that pain
I will still smile,

Knowing she is still blooming
Though under someone else's care.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 290908


  1. The last part made me sad. The rest was beautiful, and btw, it all flows so beautifully together, even the sad part. ;)

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  3. Thank you Scarlet. Life is like adding a bit of sugar and a little chilly, here and there. It tastes good, rite?