Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Somewhere in time…

Somewhere in time
Between parallel dimensions
Of love and hatred
I met your eyes
Glowing perpetually.

Somewhere in time
I knew at instant instinct
My happiness is sweeping across.
From the unknown fear
Unto known love, I am basking, my dear.
Fragments of shattered hopes
Find its way to complete the puzzle
And I began to see my face
In clear reflection without the ripples.

Somewhere in time
I came across you
And now the time is you,
And every moment it is only you.
Creases that formed
Slowly refining between the threads
My luck has begun to gesticulate
I am grinning from the East to the West.

Somewhere in time
If I cease unto eternal void
The care you show, I know,
Will trail my shadow.
If you have forgotten me in your mind
I will be there to remind you
That I still do care for you.

Somewhere in time
Amidst the millions of stars
That glitters across the night sky
I shall proudly raise my arms
Stretching across the wide firmament
To shout that you are the brightest.

Somewhere in time
Just allow me a little space
In your heart,
That’s enough for this birth,

I shall leave happily.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 300908