Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mutton Curry

I was hungry
My stomach began to kick me from within
I was hungry.
Waiting, while tutoring my friend’s son, Ghan
My hunger knew no bound
I began to see things in twos and threes
But not one.

Yes, I was hungry, damn hungry.

Ghan’s mum invited me
To have dinner together with them
A day before she reminded me
Dinner to be with them, a simple family.
I was hungry, and the time reached slowly
Tuition over, only dinner to revel
As I take my sit facing the plate
The aroma found its way to reach my nose.

I am a vegan, and my friend said,
“Don’t worry, this is vegetarian mutton curry
It smelled like real one, and tasted like one.
I tarried awhile and asked her again
“Is this real one?”
She answered, “Nope…it’s vegetarian mutton”

My mind wandered far, thinking of the taste
Of the mutton I used to taste years ago.
“Huh!! It’s so real the taste of mutton”
I told her that in repetition.

My hunger began to take monstrous mutation
As I swallowed the morsels of rice one after another
With vegetarian mutton hidden in between,
And gradually my stomach filled, the hunger killed.
The thick gravy of vegetarian mutton
Was, more than enough to keep me relishing the taste
Of mutton, I mean vegetarian mutton.

She is surely, a good cook
“I told her the food is nice”
She took it as compliment
Her husband too enjoyed to see
The sight of me enjoying the food
That he asked his wife to pack some for me
But, I said no as I don’t have a freezer to keep.

On my way back
I smiled in amusement
That’s the beauty of being a bachelor
Always invited to be at dining table
Of some loving people
Who surrounds me with love and care.

Thank you my friend
For the vegetarian mutton curry
With real smell and taste.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 020908.


  1. Nice write. It has been a long time since I tasted the real mutton.:)

  2. I'm curious to know what this mutton tastes like...the real one or the vegetarian.

    I love the way you wrote this. :)

  3. Hi Venus, thank you. Real mutton? Now they have duplicate one too. Try that and see:).

    And Scarlet, try and see. Both the real and the vegetarian mutton tastes good :). Thank you.

  4. The soybean is a marvelous product that can be made into any taste one desires. I love the vegetarian replacements and know when I sit for a lovely meal one more animal has gained its freedom. Great poem!

  5. Not too many Americans like mutton (a few more will eat lamb), but I love mutton and have eaten some good mutton in sheep camps out west. I'd love to try vegatarian mutton; I assume it's made from some form of tofu?

  6. Hi Janice and Sage, you guys shud try this mutton made of soybean, also known as tofu or taufu (in Malaysia). They cook this in either Chinese or Indian styles. And, both tastes good.