Friday, September 19, 2008

I miss you

Someone said she missed me
Without knowing how much I missed her.
I know some people miss me a lot
But do they know how much I miss them?

I wonder.

Tears evoke the fondness in me for her
Amidst the bleak evening in my life
I know I miss her lot, measurable only by tears
But does she know that I miss her lot?

I wonder.

Like a conjurer I am trying hard to hide
And manifest the feeling that is just a friend
Wearing a discolored look on my face
I am embracing her almost every second.

She stands superior than the rose beside this thorn
Am, but gripped in desires which I cannot hold
Everything appears grey in the middle of twilight
But, I am still able to see the color of my sweetie pie.

Without mind, a person is mad
Without the heart, the person is dead
With both I am here, feeling sad.
I know I miss you
I wish you know that too

Amidst the bouts of pain
I still can think of you, none, but you.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 190908.


  1. Beautifully written. You can read people's mind. That's great. Thank you for sharing the wonderful emotions.:)

  2. wonderful and sad memories. I like the lines "Without a mind... without a heart...

  3. How touching and sweet. This is my favorite line:

    "Without mind, a person is mad. Without the heart, the person is dead. With both I am here, feeling sad."

    I love it.