Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Every single moment
I mingle with her in my thought
Nothing sexual by nature
Everything is pure admiration and attraction
Not fatal, but mild head over heel stuff.

It’s hard to neither define nor be defined
The border that separates this sweet fondness
Capricious indeed the feelings, like waves
Settled at one time, and unsettled at another.
Deeper and deeper as I liquefy myself towards this lady
Harder and harder my days are passing by
The time stops at every thought of her
And my work ceases to end as my breath inhale her scent.

As I count the stars across the Milky Way
The nights appear longer than the usual day
The asteroids laugh at me with shooting plays
Am I in love, or is it just a passing phase?
Am bewildered seeing my image in the mirror
I smile in pain, and I cry in pleasure
Am I in right set of mind, or am I insane
I ask and ask, the mirror laughs and said
“You are right in both ways”
Seated well in the throne of my mind
She reigns supreme with loving grace
I know she is not meant to share this life with me
But, never mind, everything is just a matter of mind.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 010908.


  1. Beautifully written. Very impressive. Write more of this kind.:)

  2. Yes my friend, it looks like I will continue writing this type of poems for some time :)