Thursday, August 21, 2008

The woman in white

She goes well in white
Though I wonder why it must be so
I do not bother to know
For I could see, she dazzles in white.

She speaks softly and sweetly
Gentle expression, I could see in her
The woman in white, she dazzles bright
I am struck not once, but thrice.

She penetrates my eyes with all the beauty
I stood aghast at her angelic countenance
As she floats across the floor
Reaching me with her sweet demeanor.

She is the woman in white
I wish I had know her way back in the past
Alas! What a cruel play nature placed me in
Everything happens only at later stage.

I am smitten
As she smiles
In her own inimitable way.

The woman in white
I will never forget that sight.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 210808.


  1. What an enchanting poem. Is this a dream you had?

  2. Wonderful poem. Yo had a dream?

  3. Hi my friends..thank you. It is not a dream, but something happened in real life. She is real. The woman in white :).

  4. Oh! - that is even more enchanting :)