Friday, August 22, 2008


Life is a painting
Hanging at the edge of our wants
A little smudge here and there
Is not enough to look and stare.

A different tonal key
With colors splashed across
Will speak the language of life
Together with a little shade and light.

Life is but a painting
Defined by various layers of colors
Thick and thin spread builds the scene
Seen by the naked eyes, in awe.

In crimson, deep blue and green
Red, yellow and black
Our desires mingle all along
And we become an artist unknowingly.

Radical colors strikingly stalks
As our perception slowly talks
Of the beauty of this painting called life
Before scrapping one color to be replaced by another.

Life is a painting
Painted by each one us
Which we like we hang on our walls
That we hate we bury within the soul.

Cluttering scenes that appears seductively
From far may look pretty enchanting
But closer one gets, the impression may die fast
For attraction towards closeness kills the seduction.

Some scenes are meant to be loved and liked
Some bleak scenes we cover with eyes closed
The truth shall remain one and only

And shall I ask
Is it the painting or the painter,
That carries both the blame and praise?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 200808.


  1. Very thought provoking poem. Real good one. You have woven a beautiful poem and I LOVED IT MUCH. Thank you for sharing.

    "And shall I ask
    Is it the painting or the painter,
    That carries both the blame and praise?"

    Life is like a plain canvas.
    The painter splashes some colours on it.
    It becomes a beautiful painting.
    Sometimes, the painting may not turn out well.
    And here the painter will not give up.
    The painter splashes different layers of colours
    Finally, the painting will look good and beautiful.
    How the painting turns out to be is in the painters magical hands with the guidance of the creator.

    God Bless.

  2. Tis indeed the painter - if he chooses to see beauty he will paint accordingly - if he cannot see the beauty he will paint that too.
    To be a painter is to seek that beauty that lies within and paint it into his life.
    This is an extraordinary piece by you Cyclopseven - the metaphor as you've written it is perfect.