Monday, February 04, 2008


Life is winding. The trails are branching. As years bypass us, we are led to believe more and more that life comprised of transient matters which confer sensual pleasures, though momentary. Though many moan in pain, with occasional play of happiness, the clutches of worldly things, they let go not.

Trees stand upright. Occasionally sway to the kisses of wind. Be it gentle, or rough, the trees are there to stay for long. Longer, than us. Change in seasons does not leave any mark of unhappiness nor exaltation on the faces of trees. This is because they have learnt to sacrifice their leaves and roots at the change of each season. The shadows they bestow, is to shade the beast and man without claiming ownership of anything to them. The trees teach us the first law of nature – Sacrifice.

Seasons that change, means change in the colours of the leaves and blooming of flowers to appease Mother Nature for allowing their existence on this earth. The fruits they give, serve to fill the stomach of many while their barks and leaves serve to heal the sick. The trees teach us the second law of nature – Gratitude.

Despite everything that changes around them the trees remain steady in their place. Facing the turbulent in nature with equanimity unparalleled, their strength they do not manifest at all. Laden with fruits, their branches bow to feed Mother Earth. Beaten by brutes they still in silence remain there, ever the same. The trees teach us the third law of nature – Perseverance.

Man becoming violent. Human mind has degraded to a level unimaginable. Murders, rape and thefts are fast becoming a way of life for many people. On the other side, they are those who chop the trees for stupid reasons. Some trees have the branches chopped or chain sawed. By patience and virtue the trees stand tall despite the onslaught which may inflict untold pain on them. The trees teach us the fourth law of nature – Conquest. .

In return, they expect nothing from us, but only LOVE. That too if we choose to give. Have we ever thanked a tree in our life? Have we truly ever soothed a tree and speak to them, telling them how good they are to us? Have we ever………..?

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  1. Very touching! This is one of your best poem. Very deep. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.