Sunday, February 03, 2008


When I was a child
Little dreams were lively and real.
I wished to do many things
And things I wished never came true.
People say life is not a prediction
Nor is life a self-imposed addiction.
Its but in wishes that colors
Mankind finds the lights reflected.

Little dreams like dotted paints
Leaves me alone and disappears slowly.
Unknown to where all those dreams gone
And I am still here, but dreaming different dreams.
My dreams were like pillars of hope
That shadowed my survival with continual optimism.
I know those dreams are now gone
But never did I believe that I can never fulfill them.

My life continues through the days and nights
With dreams that tastes differently.
Yet, the beauty of dreams as a child
Supersedes every dream that as adult I dreamed of.
As a child I dreamed of everything magnificent
Wild imaginations roamed free unto fairy tales.
Wonderful indeed my dreams of those younger mind
Now, I realized time has taken many things away
But, not my dreams.

Childhood dreams though shattered many times
Another one I built within seconds
But, adulthood dreams, shattered once
For many years it leaves the wound to bleed.

But, I will keep on dreaming.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030208.

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