Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Friend

 (I am dedicating this poem to a wonderful friend, Mary Sawariyar from Johor, Malaysia)

A gift so priceless
A true friend that comes along
In this sojourn called life.
Rare indeed this precious gems
Through good times all shall stand by
But, through bad times only a handful remains;
Like the flame seated on a pure white candle
While burning steadily, it may flicker occasionally,
But, till the last drop of wax comes to an end
It shall remain there casting brightness all around;
Like the dark clouds with whimsical smiles
Thrown at the skies and all that beyond
Friendship may stumble and fall
But, the divinity of friendship will never fail,
The silver lining always tell the tale of this.

A gift I have gotten from the Highest One
A teacher, a friend, a sister and a listener
To learn from, to share with, to joke along
And to pour the joy and pain
A wonderful friend called Mary.

Thank you my dear friend.



  1. Thank you my friend. I appreciate your friendship. Thank you for the lovely poem.

    1. Most welcome my friend. And, I thank you too.

  2. Great poem A good friend is indeed a divine gift

  3. Beautiful words for a lovely woman (and didn't she just celebrate a birthday?)

    1. Yes Jeff she is the one. Thank you.

  4. A good opening of your soul to a friend. be well.