Sunday, November 03, 2013

A Long Walk

A long walk I take
In search of the reveler
hidden within mind and senses.

A walk of wisdom
That separate the real from trivial
Clearing the mind’s lake
For a lucid reflection of a reality
Of which each of us represent.

I am not of this body
And I am not of this mind
I am but the eternal majesty
Unshakeable witness of the entire complexities
Between the so-called birth and
The so-called death.

A silent contemplation
Into the misty mind
Reveals the reveler
Much more clearer.
And I fall deep into
the bottomless silence.
I know I am not the shadowy existence
But an energy void of all banalities.

Yet the flesh craves more of the matter
Ever edging the spirit
Of its momentary conquest.

A long walk it is
I know the walk must continue,
Though spotless by nature
This me is tainted with duality
The ups and downs
And I must continue this walk
Wading the valley full of dirt,
The truth cannot be forever concealed
A diamond always shines
Though sometimes hidden.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 031113.


  1. Walking is a metaphor that resonates with me. Nice poem, Cyclops.

  2. Hope you will find soon. Take care my fren.