Thursday, August 08, 2013

I belong to none, but,,,,

i belong to none,
where I am from
i know not at all.
where this journey culminates
there I am from
so says the sages of the ages.

but I am here
among the whispers
masking many roles
of which I am not any of it.

in this universe I roam free
and claim that I belong to all,
yet the truth infallibly tells
that I belong to none.
sweet scent of dried leaves
not of death in the time gone by,
wavering trees unweaves the secret
rooted in the ground searching for life
the birds and animals and mountains
and to whom that they  really belong to ,
to the same I belong to, too.

they speak the same language
differently though,
that I belong to none
but time
but time
but time!!

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 080813


  1. Yes sir, time seems to be a master to many.

  2. I like the idea of others in creation speaking the same language, but differently... But I don't like the idea of belonging to time, but I think I understand what you mean and my reluctance to accept has to do with my desire to belong to none. Thoughtful poem.

  3. Excellent! Life quite mystery.

  4. hello sir,
    thanks for visiting me and giving me the opportunity to land here :)
    lovely space you have..

    and I loved the theme in your poem.. that we all are bounded by time.
    hope to see u more :)

    take care !!

  5. We don't belong to none I do think but I also think we belong to life Belonging to time? I don't know If we don't live consciously we belong less to time I think

  6. Missed this. Lost and found.

  7. Missed this. Lost and found.