Monday, February 06, 2012


Between the trees and thorny bushes
This road is all I have to drag my feet all along.
I halt at every few steps at the sound of wind
But, it is my own breathing I hear more and more
Telling me the truth of lies that I am breathing unsettled
And the murky mind let itself trapped in the cyclic rotation.
The road appears far and narrow with the clouded atmosphere
I am not settled with the world outside, never ever
I know I am but me, the silence beyond quietness
The oneness without a second 
Yet turning towards me is the hardest of all, as,
the whimsical tones of senses play hide and seek with me
And, the shadows remain real.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 06022012.


  1. You are so much inside my head and how it's been for a couple of weeks Nityajeevi. It's ok though sometimes it's nice to have company.

  2. WoW! Wonderful writing from you ... I've read it several times now. Definitely one of my favorites :-)

  3. @Thank you TWM. I have a lot to say, only time is the limit:).

    @Thank you Fiona. Appreciate that very much.

  4. Nice to read you after some time. So much said and some are understood.Keep writing.Tc.

  5. Well described in words, and I could relate to the moment.

  6. So many different poems with such heart felt words.