Saturday, October 29, 2011

I found where heaven is.....

i carved my name on the tree bark
and expressed my love for the tree
but, the wind and rain couldn't bear that
they whipped the tree to its death.
i placed my word on the sandy beach
and expressed my love for her too
but the ocean came roaring
it wiped off my words on the golden beach.

jealousy, I suppose.

thus done,

I let my love swim across the ocean
and, I said, "I love you dear sea"
but, in its clumsy response
the sea grabbed my love with tidal wave
and all is gone.
I blew my love into the wind
and I said, "i love you dear wind"
but, the rain came pouring
my love drenched and was buried under the weight.
I sprayed my love for the rain
and I said, "I love you dear rain",
but, the sun got jealous and
my love evaporated without a trail.
thus done
I offered my love to the sun
and, I said, "I love you my dear sun"
but, the sun in its burning romance
accidentally burnt my love
and, unto ashes my love is gone.

I fed my love to that homeless man

and, I said, "I love you man"
with tears in his eyes
he embraced me tight
and he said, "thank you, sir".

I looked around

the wind begins to whisper louder
the trees begin to dance gaily
the sun begins to mellow its shine
the ocean reflects the streaks of golden rays
the rain begins to sprinkle its shower

and now i know where heaven lies

in the poor man's smile.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 291011


  1. You've got great insight and wisdom Love the poem especially the last part. I think you are right heaven is in the poor mans smile:)

  2. This is the best poem of the year. I really mean it. Simply beautiful and very true.

  3. So Nice! Making someone happy is the happiest thing in the world... and he reflects and response like anything.

  4. Hurting is part of loving and sometimes love is not appreciated nor well received, yet while the feeling lasts, it is the greatest feeling of all. So cast your love wherever you may and it will still make your heart sing.

  5. This is such a beautiful piece and I enjoyed reading it! Your words are so simple, wrapped in profound wisdom. Thanks for sharing this, as it has warmed my heart on this night. :)