Sunday, September 11, 2011


the sun rises in the east
and dies in the west,
as usual it was on nineleventwothousandone
another day came without mask of terror.
brutish minds coordinated the blow
in the name of god and religion
mortars and metals crumbled unto dust
and souls snatched from mortal sleep.
fragmented emotions in painful anticipation
relatives, friends and entire human family awakened
abruptly from their routine chores
together all prayed for one or two lives to be spared,
if possible all.
tragedy struck with deadly blast
flying metals rocked the air
within minutes twin towers crushed
sending dust filling the space around.

humankind has left a void in humanity

brutish minds rejoiced for this carnage
roses plucked with vengeance
and petals strewn beneath the rubble.
grief stricken many families were equally dead
still walking the surface of this earth with little hope
fear unfurled itself unto each and everyone effected
silently silenced many living ones.

though the dead had touched the eternal shore

the eyes of terror is still watching
in the name of god and religion
the terror ride is still on
none is at peace
and each step taken seems like a suicide.
the living hopes to leave intact and in peace.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 110911


  1. Yeah.. 10 years gone by but still fresh in the mind.

  2. Life isn't sure still! Excellent tribute.

  3. C7 I for one will never fear anyone or anything or anyplace. I will live my life free from all of that and if my destiny, karma and fate conspire me to a early grave than the one I would prefer, in that final moment of mortality, at least I will be able to say I died a free man.

  4. Nicely composed, Cyclops! I was in NYC on the 11th, having come back into the states via the harbor on the 10th.