Sunday, August 14, 2011

Railway station

the early morning train
chugs the silence away
breaking the barriers of meditation
it creates the cacophonous morning awakening.
all the benches occupied by revelers of night darkness
and travelers whose train fast to reach
while luggage of various size and colors
find the station floor a best place to rest.

cats and dogs roam the station floor

in search of some left overs to chase their hunger
and in a corner a beggar leaning against the wall
begging sympathy from the worn out travelers.
for a moment life revolves at high speed
in rush people walk about searching something
making the station a little different and busy
as the morning breeze sweeps across.

a stall selling magazines, newspapers, mineral waters

as early as 4:00 am start to draw people
cigarettes, lighters and canned drinks
among the hot stuff bought by many.
across the street food stalls being swarmed
for hot cakes, bread and many more,
and steaming coffee on most tables
to wipe of the cold temperature of the morning hours.

the night rain hasn't stop its rhyme yet

and the hill yonder covered with misty blanket
it is very cold but life's goal keep moving on
another train arrive to set the day busy and alive.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 130811.


  1. A day has to start somewhere at sometime and i can think of worse places to be than the building that brings me home or takes me away from it.

  2. every one of those passengers have a tale to tell even when the same routine starts with every train

  3. You really brought the railway station alive and this brought up a lot of memories. Except in Holland we didn't have cats and dogs in the station

  4. The mind sets on some motion pictures while reading it. Quite nice friend.

    Overall I like this line “it is very cold but life's goal keep moving on”. It’s inspiring!