Monday, May 02, 2011

Endlessness of a beginningless

Piercing the endlessness of time
I search for the lost Thee
Within my eyes, You see Yourself clearly
Yet I see not that, but the world external.
Within my ears, You sound Yourself finely
Yet I hear not that, but the sounds external.
Within my nose, You stuff Yourself fragrantly
Yet I smell not that, but fragrance external.
In the water as bubbles You appear to me
In the sea as waves You rush towards me
In the river as current You flow swiftly
In the mountain as might You stand strongly
In the hills as beauty You capture the paining heart
In the wilderness as mystery, You wildly touch me
In the universe as smile, You render me mesmerized
In the fire as heat, You warm me during cold
In the children as innocence, You pass through me
In humanity as Love, You sustain me ever
In the creation as existence, You camouflage well.

Breaking the clustered mind
I venture in search of Thee,
I am undoing the senses slowly
I know I shall find You one day
Hiding within the soul, which I am
Then I know separation shall cease
no more I, and no more You
but only Existence.
©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 020511


  1. Wow, what a nice hymn, but will we find or will we be found?

  2. It talks to me about the Spirit that finds us all or perhaps we find-- a very philosophical poem, Cyclops with a Tatvamasi-like ending :)


  3. **It talks to me about the Spirit that finds us all or perhaps we find along the way...the journey of life,

    to put it completely,