Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bedroom strangers

Strangers on the same bed
One sleeps facing the right wall
Another sleep facing the left wall
In between is the bolster.
They are strangers on the same bed
They speak not with each other
They look not at each other
But they share the same bed.
Irony has no shadow
To mark its existence
But witty human behaviors
In the name of relationship.
The mark of superiority spoils many
Inferiority too kills many
Integrity is a word on the paper
The thicker it is written
The worst dignity becomes.
Days that pass by
Do not confer a solution
They were once together
But not anymore.
The winds of change
Blow the love far
Now in place, grows hatred
Hatred seeded by desires unfulfilled.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 23012011


  1. The way u penned the poem was very Nice! A true about relationships.

  2. How sad a commentary on many relationships.
    Like the avatar Mahendran :)