Monday, January 03, 2011

Arriving moment

With a twinkle in her eyes
And a sigh from her mouth
The luscious memory running wild
I remain frozen immersed by the night.
My gaze telescope the starry sky
That dazzles the firmament through out time
Her smile still eludes me from the distance
Though I leave my eyes and heart opens ajar.
Languishing in that corner of the empty heart
I measure the length of my shadow on the floor
I know it is the time for the presence to be felt
But, today not a whisper I heard from her.
I let the heartbeat to continue until it learn to rest
For the beating heart can be aching if it is too hard
In an almost barren state of icy coldness the heart stays
I wish that moment will arrive with her by my side.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 020111


  1. nice. Don't worry much. Pain and sorrow are natural, to bask in it is unnatural. There are better sides in you, bring that up as well.

  2. I like to read poems especially that written by non natives English speakers. I find your works carry powerful messages of pain, suffering, war, rights and love. What impresses me most is your ability to write on almost any subject, though more often there is touch of sorrow in each. It was good to meet you after long time. I am not a blogger and what to say of e-mail. Do continue writing. I enjoy reading your works.

  3. @Yuthika, we may known each other somewhere in time, and I appreciate such a long sustained thought of me. That's so wonderful of you. But, I apologize for not being able to recall you. I appreciate your comments on my poems, but, I would appreciate it further if you can confine it strictly on my poems and not to describe me in your comments as a person that you had known years ago. You can always mail me. No offense please:)

    @James..thanks buddy.

  4. The presence sometimes might not come even if the eyes and heart are open ajar. A memory we can always keep and even that with time might fade a bit.