Wednesday, December 22, 2010

She stole my heart

The romance began
With the evening sun setting in
Colors of reddish golden streaks
Fill my heart with the splendorous joy.
The alluring look slowly graced the space
With the eyes open wide she entices time to a standstill
The irides that belong to celestial realm in deep glow
Rendering sparkles precious than that of any gems.
The trees and leaves, the mountains and moon
Jealousy glaring as she bares her beautiful feet
With a move calm but firm her walks she made
Across the space in the dusky twilight.
I stood there in deepest contemplation ever
As if constellation of stars in togetherness
She appeared with luscious elegance
And I could feel the adrenalin trickles down my spine.
Her hands coated with satin like skin
She gracefully wrap her arms around me
Whispering moans of heightened ecstasy
Its bright again, and the dream ended.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved221210


  1. Whoever it is, she must be the lucky one to get the gist out of you. Hope she understands you better. Hope this not another dream.

  2. sometimes I wish to stay in a dream. It seems so much easier there