Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I wander alone

From one thought to another
From sensations, internal
To sensations, external
I wander alone.

Life a swing
Between the past
And the future
Trapped in the present,
Deceiving sensuousness
Feeds the receptors
And I wander alone.

The breakthrough anticipated
Never seems to come by
In exile I am placing myself
And again I wander alone.

From chrysalis to moth
The delight of beauty
Soothing but rough,
Life continues
And I wander alone.

I am not chemical
Nor just sex
I am not physical
Nor just spirit
I culminate in all
As I lose me
In the seas of super sensuousness

And, my wandering continues.…

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved221210


  1. This is nice too:). That is the secret of life.

    From chrysalis to moth
    The delight of beauty
    Soothing but rough

  2. Very nice--I too wander alone (we all do, really, but some of us are more open about it.)

  3. A poet needs to walk alone to talk the truth/reality he/she sees/knows...

    But as a person, you have friends, Cyclops...nicely penned :)


  4. ** truth/reality he/she sees/knows...that looks a little complex....i'll rephrase it

    truth or reality, he or she, knows or that order :)