Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Withering blues

Wither goes the heart.
Today it is a mess
The mind wallows in solemn somnolence
Hankering heart twisted hard.
This moment has begun silently
I tried to retreat but the waves are a strong pull
With shallow guts I am treading today
It is hard, I know it is hard
I know that forever it shall never remain so.
The heart is missing everything
Anticipation in gloomy weather withers away
The hope I realize is waning somewhere
The mind I try to anchor deeply everywhere.
For wants of something priceless
Minding the pain over pleasure
I mind not to jump or step over
Across the turbulence
That washes away the sand castle in seconds.

Tangling thoughts of memories
Playing hide and seek with gaily dances
Hiding behind my conscience, each I observe intact
A smile dropped from my lips
To catch it I tried, but it vanishes as fast it dropped
Tangling thoughts of memories
Keep playing hide and seek with gaily dances.
Today is just another day
But, why it has to be without a heart to play
Everyone minding his or her own way
Is this the rant, a dance of the Great One’s sway?

Clumsily holding a book in one hand
A cup of coffee in another
I walk the path dictated by mind
Wither goes the heart
Today is a mess.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 031110.


  1. My god how did you get those many good words:)

  2. there are days like that, out of nowhere and we find ourselves alone, wanting to hide. Then it passes and other beautiful poetry will be written

  3. i had days like this -- then we start reaching out; some still ignore -- then we learn the ways of the world, we accept, and be happy with it, (Or should we ignore too? -

    But it would be a terrible world, if everyone ignored the other -- then i'm afraid all days will be the same --

    Just my thoughts, Cyclops -- Good poem,


  4. okay, seen in an other way...some of the best days come when we are left alone -- must say that too :)