Saturday, September 11, 2010


My eyes glued strongly
To the oil paint
Leaning against the wall.
I chuckle
No one around
Except for a slight breeze.

The impastos
Colorfully laid over the painting
Beautiful indeed each stroke.
Wish my thoughts were like impastos
Well applied livelier it makes the painting of life
And gazing eyes shall appreciatively pour praises
At each beautiful thought.
Thoughts negative
As ugly impasto can easily be scraped,
With painting knife,
For a new impasto
The thoughts ugly too can be removed.

Alas! it is just a wish
Akin impastos thoughts will never become.

cyclopseven© All rights reserved 100910.


  1. it is all a matter of perspective
    lovely contemplation

    thank you for your offer of helping with firewood, if you were near.

  2. lovely colors! i just imagine.