Sunday, September 05, 2010


Traveling through time
I pass through various events of life
Without least awareness of the journey
Because in time everything changes
Time does not.
As I grow in time
I perceive things differently
Each stage a revelation
And a vision renewed.
The mystery of time seeded in birth
Accompanies each throughout life
Crossing the five sensorial experiences
Leaving impression that moulds the thought.

I know I am the same entity from birth
Why must I feel the dearth,
And, revel continuously in my senses? 
Yet still contentment evades me often.
This endlessness is indeed a mystery
To speak of it, language flows not
To experience it, the mind wills not
The embrace it, the heart dares not
This endlessness is indeed a mystery.

In the sprouting seed
I see expansion passes gracefully
A gentle rise in time which carries patience
Sign of divine providence.
The seed vanished in time 
Swallowed by earth
Giving birth to a tree.
I pass by nonchalantly
With soul gripping senses
Time remains, I change.

As my somnolence continues
In stagnation without impunity,
Endlessness remains
Mysteriously beyond conception.

Cyclopseven © All rights reserved 050910.


  1. I was thinking of Ecclesiastes 3 in the Bible when reading this... "time remains, I change."

  2. A beautiful wander through levels of conscious and subconcious understanding!

  3. We change and in every segment we are true to our truth. But our truth changes with time.
    Why does contentment evades you? maybe because you continue to look for perfection.


  4. nice poem..thanks for dropping in at backpacker..pls feel free to use the photograph

  5. Beautiful poem. A journey through time and mystery. Mysteries make life interesting though

  6. It's comforting to know that endlessness exists isn't it - otherwise what would there be to look forward to...enjoyed your thoughts Cyclops.