Sunday, August 01, 2010


The wind seeps
The water blows
The fire hardens
The earth liquefies.
Noon without sun
And night without moon
Sparkling stars I see at noon
Moody sun paints the night dark.
Man talking rubbish as hell
Woman ringing gossips like bell
Without a seat, I am still able to sit
Without food, I am still able to eat
Wonder-filled so wonderful
I began to ask, am I a fool?

Suddenly I am alarmed
The alarm ringing sharp at 10:00am
I remember I set it at 7:00am
Oh…no…the clock overslept.

I am dead
My punch card will show red.

Huh.....I am awakened again before the dreadful
Thank is all but a dreamy track.

I packed myself with some dressing
Gently opened the door
Quite relaxed, I walked to my car
And…broommed to work.

In 5 minutes I am there at my office gate
The gate closed and I wondered, why?
The guard came and I asked, why closed?
The guard said, ‘This is Inception. It is now 6 pm’
I missed the day’s work

The alarm rang once again
I am alarmed again, once again
It is 7:00 am.

Time to get ready
Hope this too is not a dream.

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