Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WAR - Memory Diary History

Though dusty and worn out
Teardrops touched the book
Teardrops touched the book
Though old and torn;
Those contents sprinkled across
Dotted the pages with words of war
And, story of coagulated blood began
Where bonds strewn apart;
Shrieking sounds of mortal mortars
Killed many seconds before the mortal fury
What is then left of humankind?
But, tears that tears apart the wound of the heart.

Teardrops touched the book
As history passed by the peaceful brook
The old man reads and reread the story of thorny war
Without flipping the pages, the old man torn by memory;
Only tears a consolation for the agonizing mind
Puncturing the pressure in this uncanny exposure
Allowing voice of sorrow to drip down the cheeks
But, the coagulated blood is still thicker than all of war.
Wisdom sought answers not in hurry
Nor counseling provides the necessary
Shadows of painful death marked the conscience
Whether memory or nightmare, the decades roll by silently.

Teardrops touched the book
As the vagaries of mind rendered a play
Harrowing story of the sorrowful diary
Of the memory, the only thing the old man has to live with;
Strange world passes by daily
Least worrying about things beyond the walls
The old man speaks in language of the emotion
His voice forever muted by the senseless war.

And, his teardrops touched the book, again,
The last teardrops of his story, 


A history.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 270710.


  1. You are good at writing war stories, Cyclops...Hemingway's "Farewell To Arms" was the last one I read...few years ago -- touchy stories...makes one really think about generations -past and future,


  2. I like the refrain, "Teardops touched the book." Well done, Cyclops!