Thursday, July 15, 2010

The chant across the wind

Crossing the ocean of winds
My chant hunt for Thy grace
Where is the Omnipresence, I know not
Unbeknown to me, my chant always goes on.
In the silence of the moonless night
My chants penetrate the contemplative deafness,
The thunderous thumping thunder and lightning
Beyond all that, my chant continues tenderly.

A smile within my heart
Twitched my lips left and right
I think I am seeing someone within
Trying to reach out from beyond the needs.
The subtle whispers of the eternal warrior
Slipped away with a dance so swift
As illusive as You are, I know You are right here
As the undercurrent of my breathes as I chant.

Trapped under the rubble of egotism
I am trampled by hubristic waves of life
But, I know I am not forsaken by You
Your embrace from my heart still warm and soothing.
As I limit my divisive vision to pieces
You are there, You are here
But, the moment I glimpsed a fraction of You,
You are everywhere; I know you are everywhere,

The experience slipped again
Remnant of shadow too 

Never mind
Nothing eternal, but You.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 140710.


  1. it spoke of good friendships, or that very occasional glimpse of God's presence in our lives...or someone who has left this world, but whose presence you still feel,

    "trying to reach out beyond the needs" and "I know not forsaken by You" -- really liked those....very nice poem, Cyclops :)


  2. very occasional glimpse of God's presence in our lives -- perhaps I sheould be saying "constant presence of God" :)