Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pengkalan Hulu

In those crystal clear drops of rain
My eyes danced piercing the transparency
Feasting your emerald beauty spread all around
From the east to west, south to north.
Though time has stretched far leaving the past
Those early morning fog are still a floating memory,
I remember the days I embraced the cold morning breeze
That swept across the land from the hills around.
The silence is  bliss, unparalleled  to any place around
And the honeyed memories die hard even beyond the physical
I thank Thee for an experience allowed to roam the land
I painted the atmosphere there with my breath.
Hallowed by mystical touch of many natural beauties
Pengkalan Hulu, deeply etched in the realm of my heart,
And, those seconds pass by not without evoking the episodes
Of a life freed, completely freed from modern hassles.
I know the copper earth of Pengkalan Hulu
Still keep my footsteps planted in the sands of time,
I know that days to come will speak more of this land
In silence, a giant leap soon to be seen.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 190410.

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