Sunday, March 14, 2010

Letter from birth to death


Dear Death

How are you? I pray that you in a good state of health. I am in the finest health here. It has been long, I am still not able to see you in me though I see you all around me. I see you everywhere, all time. Yet, it is indeed a mystery that as twins we are destined not to meet one another. I know in the splendor of my existence your light is dimmed awhile. Although you exist all around, it is indeed a strange phenomenon that people don’t seem to appreciate nor anticipate your arrival in their lives. We are born together, without a second delay, and we are perfect twins who cannot see each other in the presence of another. With joyful anticipation people always appreciate my arrival. But, they don’t appreciate your arrival in such a manner, even after knowing that you birth with me is an inevitable process, and my birth doesn’t supersede your existence. We are always on par with each other. For my arrival mankind shed joyful tears, but for your arrival mankind sheds tears, sorrowful tears.

We are really gifted to know one another without having to meet one another. I teach hope, perseverance and love, while you teach them impermanence of this material existence. Though people shun you all the time, the wise ones keep you enshrined within their enlightened minds and gain pride in me for giving them the opportunity to understand your majestic countenance. It is an incomprehensible reality that both of us are the bearers of this existence, a non-spatial continuum. We walk hand in hand; I am evident while you remain hidden.

With me around, most people bask in too much enjoyment and fuel the senses with weight of attachment which naturally builds the nest of fear for you. They fear of losing the pleasure of the senses and the material possessions to you. The fear in turn creates pain and rejection, and they wallow in sorrows. Little do they realize that you and I are here to help the cycle of creation to move on while eternally dissolving some part of it to allow another to fill the vacuum left. For most people, the universe is an inexhaustible storehouse of knowledge, pleasure and possession. Your presence will snatch all these things from them, thus their phobic response towards you.

Each second that passes by, bring me closer to you. Alas!! I won’t be able to meet you face to face, because our final meeting will only result in me merging with you, born unto you, and you being born unto me, die unto me. I see you in the leaves that fall; I listen to your gurgling childishness in the streams that flow; in the sound of animals; in the mountains that stand solid; in the seasons that spray color; in my heartbeats….yet I am sad I do not see you in me . I want to meet you before I dissolve my existence in this evolutionary cycle of beginning and ending. Death, though I know it is not possible, I am asking the impossible to take place, I pray that one day the Almighty Lord will grant me my wish before I jump unto you.

Till we meet one day. So long my dear one. Thank you.

With Best Wishes

Love and Regards

p/s: hope to hear from you soon. 

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