Monday, January 18, 2010

When people speak with tears…....Haiti

Everything is dark
The weather is dead
The wind immersed
In the cries and shouts
That reverberate across the land.
The same earth I occupy
The same air feeds my life
Yet today I had my meals
Without disgraced of choices.
Sorrow I feel, or am I trying to feel
At the fate of my kinds far away
I am confused as I watch the fan rotates
And the luxury of comfort that cushions me.
The blanket, I need not because it is warm
Fresh water and creamy crackers and many more
All within my reach at any point of time
But, not for those breathing hopes beneath the rubble.
Understanding is not within the grasp of my mind
As to why must all this pain and sorrow inflicted
With bloody river become jelly like after a few days
And limbs lie far from where they should be.
Dwellers have lost their homes
Together they lost the lights too
I know their life is a swaying pendulum
The spirit snatched with unwelcome dance.
The night wrapped up their sky with fears
Promising hands reaching with lights shining
With uncertainty lies spread across their land
The people’s patience is being sliced unto pieces.
I pray their faith is not ripped by hypocrites,
Who give them river of  rice
And cash their faith with broken promises.

I pray their land will shine soon
And from their smile grows sugarcane.
God bless.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 180110.


  1. I join you in the prayers, hoping the prayers will be heard, Cyclops,

    I have felt, those who live closer to the land, the poor and the marginalised, have a greater moral strength and faith, and we will see them rising -- the international community, especially the banks are extending millions in contribution....thats its happening amid the sluggish financial situation is worth mention,

    Its we the more comfort-seeking ones, who break and tear ourselves in fear even with the crazy thought that the rotating fan above us may fall upon us --

    i find calamities as a reminder from God for mankind to unite, and love each each other...why it often strikes the already weak is something i don't understand...may be the poor are already marginalised to the downtown regions, which are most susceptible to disasters...may be,

    that was a long note :)


  2. "The spirit snatched with unwelcome dance"

    The Earth's unwelcome dance... .

    __Is it not true that we, the indirectly effected, feel some guilt by not being there to offer our muscle as aid?
    __The Hatian infrastructures too, were burst in that dance; as the world's people tend to the sorrowful damages to the Hatians, the ways and means of that aid need -invention- in their processes.
    __My monitary contribution is pale, when weighed against my desire, and prayers for all the people suffering in this disaster.
    __Your poetry, reaches in... . _m

  3. May the almighty heard our prayers.
    God Bless.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I, like many have been watching the horror of what has happened and each time I cry because I cannot wrap my mind around why something so devastating would happen to these people. We are the hearing the death toll now rings at nearly 200.000. Inside I am reminded of the 2004 tsunami and the souls we lost there. My heart breaks.

    Lovely work.