Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Timeless illusion?

If beyond the conception of mind
Lies the stillness of time,
Is God of truth, the infinity of time?
The past-present-future in time
Is nothing but illusory frames of mind?
That deludes our conscience
Within the stillness of time?
And liberation
Exists only beyond the mind?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 041109.


  1. Its like you are dwelling into scriptures and metaphysics at the same time.....

    I do not have answers..But my humble suggestion (it does come from a contemplation on these matters) don't complicate mind and life to this extent with such difficult questions....Just LIVE IN THE MOMENT (that ofcourse includes thinking about past ocurrences and future possibilities...if you believe in future)

    "Is God of truth" -- GOD like TRUTH is a DEEP SECRET....only those who dare to give themselves succeeds in finding -- Its not my saying, but my mothers :)


  2. And ofcourse when she says "only those who dare to give themselves succeeds in finding"

    It doesn't obviously mean cribbing, complaining and questioning God or His presence....Its accepting, surrendering wholeheartedly to his decisions :)