Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silencing memories


The night penetrates the heart of the universe
Harnessing darkness in mystical depth,
As I sit by the window with eyes lost in space
My vision drawn inward to the altar of my soul.

Mysteriously melody of the night whispers
Within the core of me in silence,
The memories of unfathomable darkness
Snatch my conscience from oneness of existence.

Bad memories work its way in the dark
In loneliness they creep like parasites,
The hormones, their playground
Before one realizes it, suicide may dawn.

But, the conscience begins to shine
With the warning right on the dot
We'd better get back,
'cause it'll be dark soon,
and they mostly
come at night... mostly. "

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 241009.


  1. Nice poem, Cyclop, liked the previous as much,


  2. aah! the snatch the conscience, don't they? 3rd stanza was portrayed the bad memories with a rare intensity. And finally the conscience shine..i like it very much.

    Good take on the prompt.

  3. that is stunning!!! conscious is a wonderful thing God made...

  4. You played with words well in darkness to glow :)