Monday, October 19, 2009

Echoes from the past


In my younger and more vulnerable years

I know not if my dad knew

That his passing would soon dawn.

Like the clouds whisked away by the wind

On one fine day, my dad breathe his last

A fortnight after his soulful advice to me.

My dad gave me some advice,

“Never cheat others of their right to survive,

Always be alert of masquerading vultures”.

Advice strong carried with them the power

That I've been turning over in my mind ever since

Treading the footsteps of his words.

I knew the words spoken neither of him nor from him

But the garlands of experience garnered

Made his words wiser and strong.

Today I am here tailing his words

As hard as I can with obedience

I know I have obeyed to some extend.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 191009.


  1. Never cheat others of their right to survive--I like it, good advice.

  2. For sure its a prefectly real advice to tread by. Liked the way you have used " garlands of experience garnered".

    Good to read that his words of wisdom survive and live with you.

  3. Its often our parents' advice that take us through tough times...into better times,

    And our understanding that grows with life -- nice to read you after a long time, Cyclop :)


  4. A good piece of advice. Thank you.

  5. Always heed your parents advice! Great use of the prompt.