Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The other side…...

...................carry on Tuesday

His legs wander deep unto the night,
The night embraced by the moonlight
He has to keep his steps in careful stride
Along the ravine by the dungeon
A fall could be his last.
His stroll brings him to a halt
When suddenly he sees a door
With silvery lines and gold coating
His hands draw the temptation closer.

Knocking on the moonlit door
Saturated with impish delight
The traveler muttered inaudibly
At the long moment of impatient wait.
Images around appears eerily wild
Casting stance of unimaginable fear,
His voice resonates in tears
"Is there anybody there?"

In creepy voice the sky speaks to him
Gurgling fear reverberates across sky
Regurgitating a dark secret immersed in history
Known only to the keeper of eternity.

Knocking on the moonlit door, once again
"Is there anybody there?" said the Traveler
A long pause ensues
And a voice speaks loud,
“Yes, I am here, the keeper of eternity.
Only the dead knocks at this door,
to know their fate from now onwards”.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 070709


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Quite mysterious, and a bit terrifying, Cyclop

    Life after death -- an eerie idea -- life is so tempting at times...we think of life after death,

    I have taken out the other part of the comment, Cyclopt ..because it might be read it in a wrong light by some other...those instances are often pointers I take for myself...Not all would necessarily take it so :)


  3. wow ..grabbed me with the first line and held my with grip of awe. nice writing

  4. very enjoyable ..."Only the dead knocks at this door,to know their fate from now onwards”.

    a great line.

    thanks for stopping by my blog. i hope you come by more often.

  5. Fearful and yet calming. Nicely done!

  6. OH I likey this!! Mystery, intrigue, and foreboding situation.

    Great read.

  7. Ooh, creepy. You created a mood here. I need to put my lights on and say a prayer now. :)

  8. Made me want to hear more of the story!

  9. Thank you guys. Your comments are very muc appreciated. thank you again.