Monday, July 20, 2009

A hero or a zero?


Whether I shall turn out to be

The hero of my own life,

That depends on the seed that I am sowing

With fervor for favor or fervor for selfish pleasures.

With humanity dangling at the end of greed

Is there time for me to conjure myself with pleasure?

One end across the earth I see the living skeletons

While on the opposite site I see extreme pomposity.

If I can stop from hitting the floor

The rolling tears from others’ eyes,

The growling stomachs a few

If I can fill that with some edibles,

If I can give my brethrens of this earth

A hug to console the broken heart,

If I can let my love ripples

To encase holistically the entire creation,

These ways of heaven

Shall bear witness

Whether I shall turn out to be

The hero of my own life…..

Or a zero.

©cyclopseven. All right reserved 200709.


  1. I think this is one of my favorites of yours! Love the progression of thought. Really makes it apparent that we each hold the key to being a hero if we just want to.

  2. It is certainly a wonderful write.Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

  3. I like that you make being a hero in your own life, about making other lives better.

  4. Nice journey with those thoughts - yes, yes...

  5. Most of us are heroes unless we let others tell us otherwise.

    Sometimes we feel like a zero but it could be the impossibly high standards we set for ourselves.

    Our attitude towards oneself is highly important.

    Another great one!

  6. I always love your writes .. really hard hitting and dipped in truth :)