Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why blame me….?

Why blame me for everything
When even the breathe I live by
Is not mine to keep or throw
And thus who am I to make you glow?

Just a dust particle I am in this universe
Blown here and there by the same wind
By which we all breathe to sustain the life
And in this uncertainty what happiness you crave from me?

Escaping the routines of life
I dance little different steps
To try a rhythm different and new
So my boredom won’t renew
In search I always remain helpless
So, nothing will come from me to help you.

A traveler traversing the road not taken
Everything is but a new experience sans explanation
I just get on it and let myself be engrossed in it
And, how can I explain everything me to you?

Like the boat that sails a lonely river
My life takes the twists across the turbulent mind
Sometimes everything is nothing but pleasure,
Yet, who am I to teach you about life
When in pain I too whine?

Somehow the clouds passed by

Leaving the wet trails behind
You would have understood me
Had you waited,

But sometimes history hides well
Beyond which memories can’t reach.

Now you are gone
To whom shall I tell
all these and more?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 210609.


  1. drifting on an empty ocean,
    with no wind ta fill the sail,
    the future your horizon,
    like searching for the holy grail!

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  3. Love the journey of your words.. Mine is up on the Melting Pot blog

  4. Enjoyed your play on words. You are quite the author.

    Hope you are well.


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  6. Excellent take on the prompt and a great read.

  7. Poetic and evocative - very good.

  8. That was a fine poem, Cyclop

    Some of the questions seemed my own...and through this sharing of thoughts we somehow get through...and the aggregate of all this we call life :)



  9. Whitesnake...that's something. Thank You.

    Missy...Thanks for dropping by. Will visit you again.

    Jeeves...Thank you.

    Jaime...I am fine thank you. Your blog is wonderful.

    Gautami...Thanks for stopping by.

    Keith....Thank you very much.

    Jabblog...Thank you. are right buddy. Thank you.

  10. Totally blown away by this piece.

    It's only a matter of time till your work graces at the local Borders.