Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A lantern light….

….carry on Tuesday

A lantern light from deeper in the barn

Penetrates the little gaps between the planks

Shooting shards of light to kiss the darkness.

My feet carried me cautiously inside the barn

With a little wonder what the shine is all about

And, I watched with eyes opened wide

The yellow aura shone on a man and woman in the door.

Naked - they stand hugging each other

Coyly, staring at me without blinking their eyes

I was embarrassed with excitement rushing over me.

I braved myself floating towards the two

Yet they remain nuzzled towards each other

Without a little care of a presence there.

Shyly I touched their bodies

My sense of tactile died as everything flattened smoothly

And, I removed the poster from the wall

Rolled it and walked out from my dream.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 150609


  1. Very good take on the quote - I wasn't expecting that ending.

  2. you got me there great twist and well written

  3. You got me as well. I thought it character was like going to be their baby or something. Nice

  4. I really like that this prompt has cause so many poems that involve a surprise. Nice writing.

  5. the last part was unexpected but it makes the first part seem all the more alluring

  6. Thank you guys for all your comments. Really appreciate your presence here.