Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thorns of war

The expanse of land – thorny
In nations torn by war.
Raging battles between forces that reigns
Tramples the downtrodden with least care.

To escape from ignominy
The little pride, ridden with bullets
Is remaining little the people care to salvage

Anguish and traumas
Kill the hope,
The bleak future
Seem almost endless.

Complacent agendas passed
While people bathes in the river of blood.
Nations of the world
Proclaim a justified war.

Millions lost their arms
Millions lost their legs
Millions lost their homes
Millions lost their loved ones
Millions lost their livelihood
Millions lost their hopes

The war is justified,
For the good.

Good for the people?
Good for the gunners?
Good for weapon traders?

The voiceless are beaten again
Into the slum of fear
They are driven once more
Leaving hopes struggling in the shadow
Consequence of a carnage unrecorded.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 050509.


  1. Given a chance Man fails to live in Peace...marking territories, exerting power over the seemingly oppressed...

    History repeats and repeats itself ever more badly if one forgets his or her history...Don't you think so Cyclop??

    Its in his folly and pride that man start wars...only to realise he turns the victim in no time....And Time the eternal Judge records it all Cyclop...we are just being oblivious to that fact, for our convenience

    High time the world realise...

    anyway, it troubles me when your poem swings from positive to negative too often...Hope you are well, dear friend :)


  2. War is never good, it's always hell, even when there may be something noble behind it.

  3. War divides people. There is no justice in war.