Monday, June 01, 2009

Ocean of life…

One evening as I was walking along a beach saturated with golden sands, the waters spread far beyond the reach of my vision and the bed of the sea appeared crystal clear before me. Coconut trees dotted the shoulders of the beach, with a few coconuts swimming gaily, under the watchful eyes of the ocean. Mesmerized by this beatific vision in creation, I allowed my legs to be rooted in the beach for a moment. A divine feeling arose in me; pleasant tears began to roll in bliss. Ineffable. I clapped my hands watching the show, the rise and fall of the waves’ innocence.

Suddenly, I heard someone calling me. I saw a little boy running towards me. As he reached nearer and nearer I saw tears rolling down his cheeks, visibly tears of pain. “Sir, my sister is dead. A man shot her in the chest, and walked away with the little possession she had, a small gold ring”. I accompanied him to where his sister lies and the horrific sight erased the beatific vision of creation rendered to me earlier. The sea and beach disappeared from my sight, but replaced by blood. I was speechless. I switched off my dream before the police arrive at the scene. As I pushed my blanket away from me, I realized I was in tears.

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  1. Glad to know all that was in sleep, Cyclop :)

    Nice writing,


  2. i m so relived it was jus a dream

  3. Thank you Devika and Mayz...big relieve, eh? :)