Saturday, May 16, 2009


Languishing in distress
Humanity at stake
Safe zone becoming danger zone
Communities praying hard
With ears blocked
May peace prevails
They say repeating the old saying.

I am appalled
At the sights of mutation,
Transfigured human form
By forced configuration.
Everywhere the voices of the dead
Shouts in pain of neglect
By the very mankind
They were part of.

Unto doldrums values roll by
Stepping the shadows of hunger
That sits immobile in the seats
Waiting the amber rains to stop awhile.
Down the lane I see the stream of blood
Flows thick carrying the spirit of humanity
Unto the cracks on earth it enters silently
Silencing the little murmurs of the last breathes.

Rumbling stomachs still I hear loud
Burrowing deep into my dreams as I roll about
Deprivation of many relevant instincts
Leads the chaos spread wildly on this bare earth.

Hugging hugs
Smiling smiles
Caring caresses
All thinning away
In the winds that blow night and day,

Who cares about what matters
The bloody blood is worth no more
Because life evaporates in the heat of vengeance.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 180509.


  1. "Because life evaporates in the heat of vengeance."

    So true, and vengeance is hard to avoid...especially if one is hurt that much!

    I include me too there, Cyclop...but it sometimes is a hard try to make someone understand,

    Good poem, but it makes me wonder why do we choose to live so dangerously in the edges,

    I realised the depth of my own spirituality in some of these days in the past few months :)


  2. Glad to have found u.Superb.I'm from the poetry train.Chk out my piece as well.

  3. real sad... how we have all come as a collective whole!

  4. How well you portray the disintegration of humanities morals. Yet each of us is on the path we need to be on - even the hungry, even the suffering, even the murderer. Therein lies our hope :)

  5. How unfortunate and very sad. :(

  6. Phew! Love the hugging hugs stanza!!

  7. Is there anything that we can do, my friend?