Saturday, April 25, 2009

A tree

I see the leaves drop in silent agreement,
Natural, I suppose.
I see many leaves with green and yellow colors,
Tolerance, I suppose.
I see the branches assent in agreeing motion,
Divine dance, I suppose.
I see the fissures on the bark, the home for ants,
Generosity, I suppose.
I see the strong trunk that speaks nothing,
Obedience, I suppose.
I see a tree standing tall for a long time,
Perseverance, I suppose.
I see a witness to all that is happening around us,
Silent accord, I suppose.
I see infinity spelled beautifully on the tree,
Timelessness, I suppose.
I see wonders of nature spilled on the tree
Divine signature, I suppose.
Finally I feel, love emanates from the tree,
Life, I suppose.

I realised
It carries a river of wisdom
No mind can hold,

I surrender this ego.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 250409.


  1. Beautiful poem you have written. I enjoyed reading. There is a truth in each and every line. Brilliantly put.

  2. This is one of your best poems, Cyclop :)

    so well thought out and written excellently,

    Loved it!
    and that suggests much to us..human in carrying forward our lives :)


  3. this is poem well written in presence.

  4. Being a lover of trees this one is special to read. Beautifully said Cyclopseven.